Venetian Blinds

Cedar Venetians
Cedar venetians are excellent for controlling light and privacy into a room. They are available in a number of different finishes to blend into your surroundings including danish oil, lacquer, stained, limed or painted to the color of your choice. Blades are available in 34mm, 46mm & 60mm. Our timber venetians have a fully enclosed cedar headbox that creates a uniform timber look the whole blind.

Slimline (25mm) and micro (16mm) venetians are an extremely practical window covering. They allow light to be controlled whilst retaining privacy and are available in a large range of colours. Slimline and micro venetians can be installed on cathedral and angled windows as well as any standard shape. They can either be controlled by means of a tilt wand and pull cord, a continuous cord (mono control) or motorised with a remote control.

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